Friday, 22 April 2011

L.O.V.E Girl = SeoHyun

(credits to the owner of the video)

A Delusional Villager's POV: L.O.V.E GIRL DISSECTED
Who noticed the Stage during the CN Blue comeback? Well it wasn't that obvious the first time since the comeback stage was a combination of Blue and Pink although a lot of villagers were commenting that the stage was so CN Blue - SNSD.

Yet here we have a total change on CN Blue's Special Stage. It's not just a special stage for the boys, since the entire stage was SCREAMING PINK!!! Yong said that L.O.V.E Girl has nothing to do with Hyun. Why don't we dissect the lyrics of L.O.V.E Girl? =)

I've only picked the lyrics that seems to be related to YongSeo :)

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